True Love for Valentines day

This past Monday we had our first event on campus. It was great! We previewed “The Dark Side of Chocolate”, which is a documentary Created by the Not for Sale Campaign depicting the correlation between Child slavery and the Chocolate industry.  We followed up the movie with discussion, eating fair trade chocolate, and writing valentine letters to Hershey asking them to switch to fair trade practices. One of the most powerful realizations that we came to within our discussion was that the children being enslaved and their parents (often giving the children to the traffickers in hopes the child will make money) can not change the situation they are in. However, as consumers living in America, we have the ability to really make a change and not be persecuted for it. Because of this we can not help but change our ways and take a stand in fighting for freedom. This first event brought greater awareness to the issue of human trafficking and is the begging of many more events to come this upcoming semester. This event hopefully challenged the students to become more aware of  their consumerism and to become involved in future events. I am encouraged and can not wait to see what the future of this campaign will bring.


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