Tips for partnering with other groups on social justice campaigns

You’ve learned of the atrocities of modern-day slavery, and you want to spread awareness of trafficking to your campus or community. Effective campaigns, however, tend to require the dedication of multiple leaders and the involvement of several groups. How can you find people to join with you in this campaign?

How to identify potential campaign partners:

1.       Are you, your friends, or fellow campaign leaders currently involved with any other student organizations?

2.       Does your team have any contacts in your community, such as churches or businesses?

3.       How can you bring your campaign to the classroom? Skim a list of the academic majors and minors at your college or university. Departments in art, sociology, law, and social work may be particularly interested in and helpful with your campaign.

4.       Read through your school’s list of student organizations. Which groups do you think could be interested in issues of global and local injustice?

5.       Don’t write off any potential partners at this point. If an individual, a business, or a student organization may have even the slightest interest in this issue, you have nothing to lose by extending an invitation to partnership.

Now that you have identified potential partners for your campaign, you must invite them into partnership. How can you effectively invite these groups and individuals to partner with you in this campaign?

1.       Send an email to your potential partners. Briefly describe your campaign, and show enthusiasm about their potential partnership. Inform this group or individual of the possibility of different levels of involvement. No matter their time constraints, emphasize that there is room for everyone to participate.

2.       Follow up within two weeks of sending the first email. If some partners have responded via email, you may continue to communicate via email. Otherwise, follow up with a phone call or office visit.

3.       Make yourself available to meet with groups and individuals to brainstorm for the campaign and discuss the details of their partnership.

4.       Continue to communicate with partners as your campaign draws near. Don’t neglect to celebrate with your partners once your campaign has drawn to a close!

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